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Hi I'm Tracey aka Sox / Soxie. I'm an Aussie mum and wife that loves scrapping. I have 2 sons, Brendan and Matthew, and a wonderful Hubby Wayne. I love playing in Psp and Photoshop and hope you enjoy what I make.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Get the F Tutorial by Soxie

Supplies Needed: PSP 9

I'm using the amazing work of Ismael Rac
You must Purchase a Lic No to use his work
Please do not use with out one thank you

Scrap Kit from Designs by Ali
Toxic Explosion

Template from Missy Template 329 thank you
No supplies
Open the Template duplicate close the original
Delete the bg layer and cr layer
image canvas size change to 800 center
need a some extra room to play
Open up Glitter Splats 2 ( Black )
move to bottom layer duplicate image mirror
Open up the Wire 2 ( Black)
place behind Glitter splats you might need re size a tad
lower the opacity to 46 duplicate image flip
Open up tube of choice and place add a drop shadow
Change the color of the stars next to the word art to match your tube
click on the think rectangle selections select all selections float / de float
place paper of choice selections invert hit your delete key
click on the glitter thin rectangle selections select all selections float/ de float
i used the a patten in psp Diamond Plate
flood fill the selection
selection none
do the same for the other rectangle and glitter rectangle
changing papers but keeping diamond plate
Thin rectangle 2 i flooded with black and changed the diamonds to pink
on to the circles do the same as the rectangles
outer circle is the Diamond plate
leave the black circle
click on the pink circle selections select all
selections float / de float
open up a toxic word paper
place selections invert
before you select none open the same wire 2
and place over the paper and hit your delete key
next circle is the diamond plate
inner circle a paper of choice
click on the rectangle paper layer
selections select all selections float / de float
place the black blood dips selections invert
hit your delete key
click on one of the outer circle layers selections select all
selections float / de float
open your tube place selections invert hit your delete key
do the same for the other one on the other side
do the following effects on them both
texture effects Blinds
4 , 8 Horizontal , Black
Add any cr you need to the tag
I used a chunky font
Foreground i used the pink and stroke 3
Background Nill
write out your name convert to raster layer
with your magic wand and holding down the shift key select the inside
of the letters selections expand 3 new layer fill with black
selections none
depending how long your name is click the first letter the black layer
open your tube place as a new layer selections invert hit your delete key
lower the opacity to 72 do the same with the end letter
if you have a long name add a couple in the center
on each of the letters you added the image go up to effects
texture effects Blinds
4 , 8 Horizontal , Black
open up a ribbon of choice re size to fit placing it so it looks ok
duplicate and move below the black text layer
click on the top layer of ribbon add a drop shadow
with your eraser tool rub out parts of the ribbon to look
like it is threading though the name
add any thing else you would like to the tag
hide the wire layers at back and splat merge the rest
add a drop shadow
un hide them now if the merged layer is under move it above
merge save and your done
This Tutorial was written by Tracey aka Sox on March 26th ,2010
please feel free to LINK to the tutorial and/or print it out for for your own personal use,
but please do not copy it in any way to put online,
pas out or re-write without permission .
The image you create using this tutorial is for you to do what you wish
except for monetary gains or for Merchandising or Paid Membership
© Tracey aka Sox 2010
Any Resemblance to another tutorial is purely coincidental.


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